How is Facebook Bulk Message Deletion Process in Mobile Application?

How is Facebook Bulk Message Deletion Process in Mobile Application?

How is Facebook Bulk Message Deletion Process in Mobile Application?

It is not possible to delete Facebook messages on the mobile Messenger application. For Facebook Messenger mass message deletion, it is necessary to log in to Facebook account from computer. Messages here can be deleted in bulk. After you delete Facebook messages in bulk by logging into your Facebook account, you will not see Facebook messages by clicking on my account from the computer. Messages will be deleted both in the app and on regular Facebook. In other words, when the messages are entered into the message box on the computer and deleted, the Messenger bulk message deletion process will also be performed from the phone.

Is There a Facebook Message Delete Code?

There is a mass message deletion code available in the Facebook application. But it is not certain that these codes will work in all situations. These message deletion codes, prepared for mass deletion of Facebook messages, are available on various websites.

How to Recover Facebook Deleted Messages on Computer?

For people who will restore Facebook messages from a computer, this process can be done as follows:

  • Log into your account from the computer.
  • Click the settings button on the Facebook home page.
  • Then the general account settings page will appear. Here on the page, where the text ends, click on Download a copy of Facebook data.
  • On the next screen, a screen with the option “Download your information below” will appear. Click the “Start my archive” button here.
  • After clicking on Start my archive, you will be asked for your Facebook password at this time.
  • After you enter your password, you will be asked where to save the file. After you click the save file button, the file will be downloaded.
  • In this file, you can download and review all the information such as videos, photos and messages that you have shared before. Again, the Facebook messages you want to bring back will be located in the html extension link in the messages folder. In this way, the process of restoring Facebook deleted messages is completed easily.

How is Facebook Bulk Message Deletion Process in Mobile Application?

How to Delete Facebook Bulk Message?

There are special Google browser plug-ins for deleting Facebook messages. Instead of deleting the bulk messages on Facebook one by one, Messenger bulk message deletion is carried out from the computer in one go. However, this Messenger bulk message deletion extension needs to be installed to delete messages using the chrome method and can be used that way. There are several different methods and mass message deletion plugins available in Facebook Google Chrome plugins. At the beginning of these plugins is the Celilcan plugin. In addition, Facebook mass message deletion Chrome extensions are given as follows:

  • Facebook – Delete all messages
  • Messenger Cleaner
  • Messenger Message Cleaner
  • Delete all messages for Facebook is among these plugins.

At the same time, all these add-ons are installed in the same way. It is used in the same way. In order to perform mass message deletion easily, you need to install one of the above-given plugins and use them correctly.

How is the Mass Message Deletion Process with the Chrome Extension?

With the Google Chrome extension method, message deletion is done as follows:

  • Enter the Facebook messages section and press the 3 dots located on the right side of the browser.
  • After clicking the 3 dots, you will see options such as new tab and new incognito window. At the bottom of these, click on the extensions option from other tools.
  • Clicking on this part opens the Google extensions page. Type “Facebook delete all messages” in the search field on this page. When you search for this plugin, it will appear in the store. Once you find the add-on in the Google extensions section, click on it.
  • In the light box that opens, there is the text Add to Chrome in the upper right corner. Click it to add it to your browser.
  • After adding the add-on to the Browser, go to the link and click the use the application button. All extensions added to the browser appear in the upper right part of the browser with their icons.
  • Click on the Facebook Messenger icon and give the command to delete all messages on the page that opens. In this way, Messenger bulk message deletion will be completed.
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