Opening a Skype Account

Opening a Skype Account

In order to open a Skype Account, you must first download Skype, an application from Microsoft, to your device. You can easily access this application by making a few searches on the Internet. You can make both video and audio calls over Skype. Thanks to this application, which has both paid and free services, all of your instant call needs can be met.

You can start using Skype immediately by logging in. After opening a Skype Account, you can send an SMS and start calling phones directly by paying a small fee. This application, which also includes subscription fees, is generally preferred in the business world.

How to Use Skype?

Skype is one of the most used video calling applications today. After downloading the application, you will see the steps you need to do step by step. You can easily complete the installation process by following these steps. After you complete these steps, Skype will ask you if you are new. After you accept this, it tells you all the processes in easier steps.

Opening a Skype Account

When you want to make a video call, you need to control your audio and video devices. It is recommended to put a profile photo. You can easily change your profile photo again whenever you want. Finally, you will see a page that says “Use Skype”. From here, you can start using Skype comfortably. After you sign in to Skype, the contacts in your Messenger application will be transferred here as well.

It allows you to easily access the people you contact frequently from the Skype online application by adding them to your favorites. You can create other lists with different names if you wish.

In the application, you can send photos and edit photos as you wish.

What is Skype Web?

Skype is a corporate web application that allows you to easily open a business account. It is an application that is mostly used for meetings. This is how you can complete the Skype business account opening process.

In this application, you cannot create a meeting, but you can easily log in to existing meetings. After logging in to Skype, you can see the users who are online and communicate with them. You can use the application not only on your computer, but also by downloading it to your Android or iOS devices.

While the MSN application was preferred for the same transactions at the time, it was completely replaced by Skype over time.

Skype Registration Procedures

To take advantage of Skype privileges, you must either have a Microsoft account or have the Skype application. You must open an account to use these services.

To complete the Skype membership process, you only need to fill out the Skype membership form. You need to enter your mobile number and create a password. If you do not want to give your phone number, you can complete your registration with your e-mail address instead. After typing these, press forward and you will reach the part where the name and surname should be written. After typing this, say forward and move on to the next step. This step is the security step. You must enter the letters and numbers requested from you. After typing these, the account setup process is completed by clicking continue.

On the page that opens, you will see the message “Hello, your name is welcome to your account”. You complete the Skype Account Setup process. Here you can do all the operations related to your account. You can change your profile information, pay bills and learn about Skype. If Skype is not downloaded on your computer, there is also a download link.

After downloading the Skype program, there is a section where you enter your username or Microsoft e-mail address. After entering your username or e-mail address, you need to press next. The step where you need to type your password opens. After entering your password, you will be logged into the account by clicking the ‘Login’ button.

Once you have completed your Skype account opening procedures, you can have voice, video or written conversations with the person you want.

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