Forgot Tiktok Password

Forgot Tiktok Password

I forgot my Tiktok login password, what should I do?

Username and password information is required when logging into the tiktok application, which has been preferred by the young population in recent years. In some cases, people using the tiktok application may forget or confuse this information. There are video edits, music duets and many more video types in the Tiktok application. Thanks to this wide variety of videos, tiktok users are actively using the social media app. Tiktok app users want the password change process to happen immediately because users want to use their account immediately. Users who forget their Tiktok login password need to take various actions. For users who encounter a problem while performing these operations or have difficulty in performing these operations, users can log in to tiktok thanks to the customer service convenience of the tiktok application.

Forgot Tiktok Password

How to Change TikTok Password?

If users have difficulty logging into their tiktok account, it means they forgot their passwords. Users who registered with Facebook or e-mail confirmation code while registering to Tiktok application can easily change their tiktok passwords. Here are the steps to follow in changing the password for Tiktok login:

  • Users must log in to their tiktok account via their existing mobile devices.
  • Various icons are found here. The human icon is selected among these icons.
  • A new registration screen opens on the home page of the tiktok application. On this new registration screen, click on the “I already have an account” option in the lower right corner.
  • On the screen that opens, next to the “I forgot my password” option, there is an option to get help for tiktok login from the current location. Click this option.
  • The tool used for the verification code when registering for the Tiktok account is selected here. These means can be Facebook, email confirmation code or phone number options.
  • After users make the relevant selection, all required information is filled in completely.
  • The confirmation code information is sent to the mobile devices of the users who register from the phone via a short message.
  • When the Tiktok password change process is continued, the application asks the users for their e-mail address. Users must enter an e-mail address that they use actively on this page.
  • Password change can be done by clicking the link sent to the active e-mail address.
  • Users do not have a limited password change right in the Tiktok application. Users have the right to change tiktok passwords as much as they want.

How to reach Tiktok Customer Service?

Users who cannot enter their Tiktok account even after changing their password can apply to the customer service option of the tiktok application. Tiktok application on the internet has a specific phone number. However, there is no definite information about the phone number of customer service in the tiktok application.

The customer service of the Tiktok application is not only with the phone option. At the same time, tiktok customer service e-mail address, which is actively used via gmail or outlook, can be contacted by e-mail from Problems can be sent via e-mail to this e-mail address in the form of a short notification. In a short time, users will be returned by tiktok customer service. At the same time, all necessary information can be sent to the users by sending a message via the @tiktok account on the twitter application.

Users who have a problem through the Tiktok application should contact customer service regarding this problem. Users who have problems with logging into Tiktok or changing their password can benefit from this service. Especially people who have trouble in the tiktok account login section can follow these steps:

  • Tiktok app should open.
  • After opening the Tiktok application, click on my profile.
  • On this page, click on the question mark icon next to the “you need a tiktok account to continue” option.
  • Thus, a page opens on the screen. On this page that opens, users must select the option related to their own problems.
  • In the Tiktok application, users can report their problems or present them in the form of a report.

How to Reach TikTok Support Line?

Users using the Tiktok application share various videos on this social media platform. These tiktok videos are not very long but have fun content. Since there are millions of people in the world who log in to Tiktok, this application has many complaints and information questions. Tiktok application users can submit their complaints via the tiktok application or the tiktok website, as well as via e-mail. Tiktok support lines are:

People who want to get general information about Tiktok application

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