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Is There a Video Download Option on Pinterest?

Pinterest has recently become a platform that is used quite frequently both in our country and by foreign countries. With the Pinterest application, you can both get ideas from other people’s posts and be inspired by others. Broadly defined, Pinterest is like a picture board. There is no limit to putting videos or photos on this board. This practice is generally more known by women. This application, which has the option to download Pinterest videos, is a fun social media site.

Pinterest video download is an action that can be done for free. The Pinterest application can be used both on the mobile application and on the website. Here is what a person who wants to be a Pinterest user needs to do:

In the first stage, the membership process is completed. The application can also be connected to the Facebook site.
After passing a few tests according to your interests, the app offers various boards for you.
Favorite photos or videos can be saved from these boards.

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How to Download Pinterest Video?

Almost all social media apps have an option to save videos. Pinterest emerged after these applications and its recognition by everyone is just beginning. Downloading videos on the Pinterest app is not an easy process for everyone to do in the first place. Although the person who uses the application very often finds it by searching, most users search the internet for the answer to the question of how to download Pinterest videos.

How to Download Video Recorded in Pinterest App to Computer?

Pinterest video download is a process that can be done via pc or phone. The steps to be taken are listed as follows:

  • First, a preferred web browser is opened on the computer.
  • The pin page of the video seen on Pinterest and wanted to be downloaded opens.
  • Right click on the video and select the “inspect” option on the tab that appears.
  • A line of code called “video poster” appears on the new tab opened in the browser.
  • The codes are displayed by clicking the arrow sign next to the code line.
  • In one or two lines of the displayed code page, there are code lines such as type=”video/m5p9″ and type=”video/mp4″. The link written inside the “video/mp4” code line is the link of the video.
  • Right click on the mp4 link and the video will open in a new tab.
  • There is a download button under the opened video and the video download process from Pinterest is completed.
  • Pinterest video download can be done with the link and does not require using any program. However, people who do not want to deal with all these steps can also download videos using the program.

Why Is the Pinterest App Used So Much?

The number of photos and videos shared in the Pinterest application is quite high. The shares on this platform consist of quality content and this content is usually found on social media such as Instagram. It contains all kinds of content according to the area of ​​interest. Generally, women pay a lot of attention to the account order in their social media accounts.

There are women who benefit from the content of the Pinterest application to keep their profile of quality. Groups of girls who will go on any nature, sea or winter vacation can also find pose suggestions from here. They get inspired by recording the images they like. People who like to take photos do not neglect to photograph the places they travel or the different foods they eat. He shares his images with his followers by creating a pin on Pinterest.

What are Pinterest Video Download Methods?

There are three different methods that people who want to download Pinterest videos can choose. These methods and necessary steps are indicated as follows:

The first way is to copy the link of the video to be downloaded and use the “Free Online Pinterest Video Downloader” application. The download is performed by pasting the link into the field here.
The second way is to install the “Pinterest Video Downloader” program on the computer. After installing the program, you log in to Pinterest’s website. The address of the video to be downloaded is opened and the “Download Video” option is clicked.
The third way starts with saving the liked video on a mobile device or computer. “2get” is written in the browser address after the domain name. (like The download page will be redirected and the video will be downloaded to the device.

Which Programs Are Used to Download Liked Videos on Pinterest?

Pinterest users started to increase gradually. With the development of technology and the increase in the use of telephones, the number of social media has also increased. The purposes of use of each social media are usually different.

While the Facebook site was a widely used platform at the beginning, young people turned to this area with the emergence of Instagram. Instagram is preferred for sharing photos or videos. The Twitter app is where people share their thoughts and what others write.

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