Story Sharing Error on Instagram

Story Sharing Error on Instagram

How to Solve the Problem of Unable to Share a Story on Instagram?

The problem of not being able to share stories on Instagram is usually caused by the application not being updated on time or network problems. Insufficient internet connection can also cause the story to not be shared.

When the story cannot be shared on Instagram, it usually occurs as the screen remains black while the image is being taken and the captured image is not displayed. The fact that the camera does not shoot or upload the captured image may also prevent the image from being saved in the phone gallery for later use.

The fact that the captured photos and videos are visible and uploaded, but the desired upload cannot be performed for hours, is usually due to a weak internet connection. There are many solutions for users who say “I can’t share stories on Instagram”.

Troubleshooting Internet Problems

Solving internet problems is the first method tried to solve problems encountered while sharing stories. When the device used is connected to the internet, there is no problem in sharing the story and the story that is trying to be uploaded is instantly visible on the user’s profile.

If the stories still do not load when the internet connection is re-established, connected to another network, or attempted to take action using the user’s mobile data, the problem is not caused by the internet connection.

Story Sharing Error on Instagram

Editing Date and Time Settings

Adjusting the date and time settings allows many transactions made over the internet to be carried out in a healthy way. When the date and time settings of the devices used are not up-to-date, neither social networks such as Instagram can be used, and the desired operations cannot be performed properly through the browser. If the date and time settings are different from the current ones, the devices used may be defined as an unsafe and suspicious profile and may be blocked by the algorithms of the social network. The fact that the Instagram connection could not be established is also due to this reason.

The date and time settings of the devices can be changed easily. The devices used can cause confusion more easily if they have a manual setting. If the date and time settings of the devices are adjusted automatically, the device makes the adjustment itself in case of time changes and prevents such problems from occurring. Users who say “I cannot share stories on Instagram” can provide solutions to their problems with this method.

Updating the Application

Failure to update the application also causes problems in sharing stories. Having a new version of the Instagram application means that the old version no longer works with high performance. Every application needs to be updated periodically. Updates are required in order to use the applications with innovations and quickly.

In order to update the application, it is sufficient to make a transaction using the App Store or Google Play. The update process is faster than downloading the application.

Reinstalling the Application

Reinstalling the application is one of the best ways to resolve any problems encountered while using the application. Re-installing the application after uninstalling it from the device used does not mean that there are only update or version problems. With this method, it can also be determined whether there are other problems in the device.

Experiencing memory problems on the device can also cause story sharing problems. Each application has its own cache partition and this cache is reloaded each time the application is opened. This makes it difficult to process due to memory problems, especially in applications used online. If there is not enough space on the user’s device, after the application is deleted, re-installation is not allowed due to the storage problem. Therefore, the user has to free up the memory portion of their device.

The memory card, if any, must be emptied to free up space in the device’s memory. Pictures, music and documents on the device can be transferred to storage areas such as computers. If this method is not wanted to be used, the unused applications on the device can also be deleted to free up space. Applications that take up large space cause the operating speed of the devices to be slower. The freer the memory of the device being used, the faster the device processes. Another way to free the device’s memory is to clear the cache of all apps. Since the cache part is the part where daily and short-term data is stored, the user

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