Instagram Location Adding Feature

Instagram Location Adding Feature

Instagram Location Adding Feature

The fact that Instagram has the ability to add a location to its social media app has led many users to learn how to use this feature. Since many users failed with the Instagram location adding feature, questions were started to be asked to get accurate information on this issue.

The “add location” or “location” function on Instagram is actively used. However, Instagram does not offer its users the ability to directly add or create a place as a place. When you go to the add location section on Instagram, the addresses you find in your searches are either taken by Google Maps or previously opened.

How to Add a New Location to Instagram?

To add a new location that does not exist on Instagram, these steps should be followed:

  • First, create a Facebook page for your business.
  • To do this, log into your Facebook account on your computer and click the link here to access the Facebook page builder screen.
  • Select the ‘local business or place’ page type and fill in all the information correctly on the small info screen that opens, then click ‘get started’.
  • Your Facebook page will be created and the screen to add profile photo and cover photo will appear.
  • You can edit these sections later so you can skip saying “skip”.

Instagram Location Adding Feature

Adding a Location to Instagram with Google Maps

To add a new location to Instagram on Google Maps, the following steps should be followed:

  • You must first have a Gmail address. If you do not have a Gmail address yet, you can quickly complete the membership process and open a new Gmail account for yourself.
  • You must sign in to your Google Account with a Gmail address that you just opened or already have.
  • After successfully completing the login process, open the Google Maps tab in the MAPS tab.
  • Enter the location you want to mark as an address in the search field. Once you find the location, select it, generate registration information for the address you provided, and save it as a location in Google Maps.
  • This location can be found on all GPS devices when marked as location. This process can take a long time in some cases. So the user may have to wait for a while to add a place to Instagram.
  • After successfully adding your location to Google Maps, sign in to your account with your Instagram app.
  • After making the desired edits on the photo you want to add to Instagram, click on the next icon above and activate the “Add to Map” feature in the visible area.
  • After turning on the Add to Map option, click on the “Location Name” option, enter the name of the place you previously selected as the location via Google Maps and complete the upload process.

Location Shutdown Settings on Instagram

The same process is done for turning off and on location on Instagram:

  • Exit the Instagram app and go to your iPhone’s settings.
  • Click on Privacy and then on Location Services.
  • Scroll down and tap Instagram.
  • Check While Using App or Never to choose access to locations.

For places where the Instagram location adding feature is not active, the Instagram location will not be found.

Remove Previously Added Location Without Deleting Post

Simple and convenient action can be taken to remove added locations based on photos or videos on Instagram. This can be done easily online with the “Edit” version of the uploaded photos or videos. It is possible to simply delete the location information contained in the content at any time. In addition, if there is a displacement in the visual field without a position, it can also change its location. All these processes take place in a short time.

To add or remove locations to posts on Instagram, removing and re-uploading posts is unnecessary and time consuming. It is very easy to change the title, location and description of the post from the post edit settings.

Instagram Not Finding Location Problem

The inability to find a location when adding stories to Instagram is seen as a situation that users occasionally see in the photo or video adding sections. This issue can usually be caused by location settings or a lack of internet connection. It can also be defined as a situation originating from smartphones or tablets. It can also be said that the location problems related to the device are caused by not showing different points or lack of space.

Faced with such a situation, Instagram users will give definite results if they act in accordance with the search part of the post. Also, after the current location is entered in this box, the location to be added can be easily found. However, it may be possible to encounter problems such as not being able to load the location in such searches. The main reason for this is that the searched place is not included in the Instagram location data or it may appear to be due to an issue with the location settings. Users who encounter such a situation can change the location settings of their devices.

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