Deleted Instagram Account Recovery

Deleted Instagram Account Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Account?

The Instagram application is constantly renewed with updates, and users who accidentally delete their accounts with these updates need to perform the Instagram recovery process. This need arises from the efforts of users to accidentally delete their accounts without fully recognizing the new updates and to recover the Instagram accounts they have accumulated their memories. A large number of Instagram users around the world accidentally delete their account.

There are sequential steps that users who want to use their Instagram account have to do. If these operations are done correctly, the account will be saved and there will be no problem. Users who are sure that the account has been deleted and want to get their account back can get their accounts in a short time after the necessary actions.

How to Recover Accidentally Deleted Instagram Account?

First of all, deleted Instagram account can be recovered. Every application wants to increase the number of users and have permanent users. It is something that all apps aim for. For this reason, when users have a problem with their accounts, applications have developed many methods to solve the problem. The Instagram app also allows users whose Instagram account is accidentally deleted to recover their account. If this process is done correctly step by step, the account will be restored without any problems. The steps must be performed sequentially and correctly.

Deleted Instagram Account Recovery

How to Recover Deleted Instagram Account Step by Step

The steps to recover Instagram account are described below in order. First of all, it is necessary to make sure that the Instagram account is really deleted. If users who want to log in to their account from their computer or smartphone cannot access their accounts, their accounts are deleted. If the account is not found even though the password and user name are entered correctly, it means that it has been deleted.

Instagram users, who are sure that their account has been deleted, first log in to the “Instagram account deletion” link on their computers to recover their accounts. Here, they come across questions that must be answered correctly. These stages are in English, but if the instructions are followed carefully, they will be completed without any problems. All the steps after clicking this link are as follows:


Here, it is questioned whether the account represents a business, product or service. For personal accounts, the answer to this question is “no”.

In this question, the name and surname written on the identity of the account holder is asked. It is a question that must be answered correctly. If the wrong answer is given, it will cause problems.

Here Instagram asks for username. Username is an information that should not be forgotten. The user who wants to recover his Instagram address must enter this information correctly.

At this stage, e-mail address information is requested. At this stage, the e-mail used when logging into the account is used as the Instagram recovery e-mail and the address of that e-mail is entered. The user cannot enter any other e-mail address.

Finally, it is asked from which country the contact was made. Turkey should definitely be answered. If an incorrect country name is entered, there will be a problem.

Standby time

After the questions answered in order above, the first process is completed successfully. Then, the waiting period for the result of the review by Instagram for the approval of the Instagram recovery process begins. In this process, first, Instagram sends an e-mail to the e-mail address you provided. There will be a message in this mail. Inside this message, Instagram posts a number. This number is known as the Instagram recovery code. A response written in English is requested in response to this e-mail. What to do after this step is as follows:

The first action after receiving the mail:
The number that comes with the message in the e-mail is written on a white A4 paper in a large and legible way. This use of this post is how to use Instagram recovery code. The account owner who has the Instagram recovery process takes his own selfie so that all facial features are clearly visible.

“Reply” is sent as a response to the e-mail sent by Instagram, along with the selfie taken and the code written legibly on A4 paper. In other words, two photos are added to the mail, and the “Reply” reply is answered as a text.

This Instagram account recovery is the definitive solution method. After this stage is completed, there is nothing left for account owners who accidentally deleted their account and tried to recover it.

After this stage, Instagram examines whether the account really belongs to you with the questions answered and the response to the e-mail. This review period is 48 hours. It responds to the user trying to recover the Instagram account within 48 hours. If all the information is correct, an e-mail is sent to the user by Instagram.

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