Instagram Account Freezing

Instagram Account Freezing

Instagram Freeze Process

The Instagram freeze process, which is frequently used today, helps to suspend user profiles safely. Although social media platforms such as Instagram, which reach millions, are used very often, it can sometimes cause problems. For this reason, those who prefer to stay away from social media for a temporary period apply to the freezing process. Messages that come as spam, annoying comments under photos can cause users to stay away from social media. Thanks to the Instagram account freeze process, your information remains intact without being permanently destroyed. You can start using your profile again at any time by using Instagram freeze.

How to Freeze Instagram Account?

There are simple steps to follow in order to freeze the Instagram account. Here are the steps to temporarily freeze your profile:

  • Login to Instagram account with password and username.
  • After tapping the profile icon, click on Settings with the gear symbol.
  • Select the Edit Profile option and choose “Temporarily Close My Account” on the page that opens.
  • Why are you closing your account on the screen that opens? The question must be answered and the account password must be entered.
  • Finally, when the “Temporarily Close Your Account” button is clicked, the account freeze process is performed.

Instagram Account Freezing

Where to Freeze Instagram Account?

To freeze your Instagram account, you need to log in to your account on a computer. Instagram freezing is a process that can be done from the computer. Although freezing is not done through the mobile application, it is possible to freeze the account by logging into the accounts from the browser. Transactions can be performed using internet browsers on mobile devices. For this, the Instagram freeze steps are followed and the process is completed in a short time.

How to Open Frozen Instagram Account?

All you need to do to open the frozen Instagram account is to log in to the profile again. When you log in again with the username and password to the temporarily closed Instagram account, the account will be opened. Re-opening the frozen account is possible within a few hours after entering the password. When logging into the account for the first time, it can be seen that the post and follower/follower numbers are empty. After waiting for a while, the account will return to its original state. Account reopening will be completed within 24-48 hours. Instagram profile freezing can be repeated only once in 7 days.

Login information must be kept in mind in order to open the temporarily closed Instagram account. During the re-opening process, user information is requested completely and it is important to activate the account by entering this information. Since the account has been deactivated, it is not possible to send the password reset link anywhere. Before performing the freezing process, make sure that the password and user name are available.

There are some points to consider in order to reopen the frozen account on Instagram:

  • Users who want to reopen their account are recommended to log in via the mobile application, not the web version. You can activate your profile by logging into your account with your username and password on your smartphones.
  • Entering your frozen Instagram account even once is enough to restore the account. You do not need to make an extra application or action for this.

In case of re-opening the account, users may face restriction of some features. In particular, situations such as the ones followed and the number of followers not visible are frequently encountered. Since these types of problems are considered instantaneous, they will resolve themselves after waiting for a while.

Problem Opening Frozen Instagram Account

Users may encounter some problems in the process of opening instagram freeze. Among the most common problems is the warning that “username or password is incorrect”. This is caused by trying to log in again very soon after the Instagram freeze process. For this reason, it is recommended to wait 1-2 days after the Instagram account is frozen.

The recommended instagram freeze opening time to reactivate the account is expressed as about 3 days. Time must be taken into account when frozen accounts are to be reactivated. However, if you still encounter an error while logging in, you can contact the Instagram support center. You can request the solution of the problem from the Instagram support center by filling out the relevant form.

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