Recover Facebook Deleted Messages

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages

What is Facebook Recover Deleted Messages?

Although the Facebook deleted messages recovery process is completely free, some steps must be followed. It is among the most common situations that sometimes messages on Facebook are accidentally deleted. After logging in to the Facebook account, it is possible to return the messages with the following steps. Thanks to the archive data available on Facebook, basic information such as past correspondence and visited locations are recorded. While using Facebook, you can take the actions that we will talk about to restore the recorded and deleted messages. With the steps to follow, you can complete the Facebook recently deleted messages recovery process.

How to Recover Facebook Deleted Messages?

Here is how to recover Facebook deleted messages in the past:

  • Login to Facebook account with username and password.
  • Click on the arrow button located in the upper right corner of the main page.
  • The process continues by clicking the “Settings” tab from the opened options.
  • After opening the account settings section, click on the “Facebook Information” tab.
  • After choosing the “Access Your Information” tab on the screen that opens, the “You can Download Your Information” option is preferred.
  • On the following screen, some information will appear on how you want the deleted files to be transferred.
  • After making the necessary selections, the process is performed by clicking the “Create File” button.

After the specified process steps are followed and the process is completed, an e-mail is sent regarding the request to create archive information. After the file creation process is completed, you can download to any device you want.

Recover Facebook Deleted Messages

What is Facebook Activity Log?

Facebook activity log refers to the area where users access all kinds of information. Posts tagged by users, trash, etc. All kinds of information is here. Thanks to the activity log, it becomes easier to access any information you want. You can choose which actions you want to do on Facebook. You can view various settings and user information thanks to the activity log.

What is Managing Facebook Information?

In the section of managing Facebook information, there are many settings such as profile editing, privacy settings, face recognition. There is also the opportunity to manage Instagram from the manage information section.

How to Freeze and Delete Facebook Account?

It is possible to permanently delete the Facebook account. There is no data backup for permanently deleted Facebook accounts. After the permanent account deletion, the data cannot be accessed again. If a backup is made before the Facebook account is permanently deleted, there will be no data loss. You can close your account permanently by saving your information to your device before deletion. Before permanently deleting the account, you can choose the option to store and download your messages to the device on the screen that will appear.

The process of freezing a Facebook account works differently from deleting it permanently. Facebook accounts become temporarily unavailable when put on vacation mode. Account freezing is temporary, but deletion is permanent. Facebook users who have frozen their account can continue to use the Messenger application. Unlike permanent deletion, messages remain.

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