How to Change Instagram Icon?

How to Change Instagram Icon?

Instagram has turned into a social media channel that has been with us for 10 years and we cannot give up. Millions of users spend hours on Instagram every day. While some use Instagram just to see the posts or to be closer with their friends, some of them do their business by doing e-commerce on Instagram. This social media platform, which has grown tremendously in recent years, especially after Facebook bought Instagram, turned 10 exactly a day ago. However, a new feature has been added and you can now change the icon of the Instagram application on your phone. However, questions such as “Instagram android icon replacement” or “Instagram IOS icon replacement” have increased a lot on the internet.


Instagram, which is now used by billions, completed exactly 10 years about 1 day ago and brought a new feature to celebrate this. Instagram has changed the application interface and logo many times over the years, each logo looked beautiful and stylish than the other. But not everyone liked every logo, and to celebrate its 10th anniversary, Instagram added 12 different logos, some new. The names of the logos are as follows; “Twilight, Sunrise, Aurora, Honor, Gold, Dark, Light, Very Dark” and all the logos he has used in the past.

So How to Change Instagram Icon?

This has become a frequently asked question since Instagram released this update, “How to change Instagram logo?” because it is not possible to find this setting directly from the settings section of Instagram. To perform this operation;

  • Login to the Instagram app
  • Click the profile button
  • Click on the three lines button in the top right
  • Click the Settings button
  • Scroll down the screen and you will see there are several emojis. After scrolling enough you will see a new page open. Just click on the logo you want there. Now, the logo of the Instagram application on your phone has taken on the shape of your choice!

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