How to Open Instagram Shopping Feature?

How to Open Instagram Shopping Feature?

How to Approve Instagram Shopping Feature?

Instagram shopping feature became active in Turkey. In a short time, this feature attracted great attention. In order to shop on Instagram, your business must first be active in certain countries.

To activate the Instagram shop button; Your account must have a business profile that complies with trading policies. Switch your account to business profile first. Your account must also have a Facebook business page. If you do not have such a page, you can open this page in connection with your Instagram account.

You must link your Instagram business profile to a Facebook product catalog. Two methods are used to create a Facebook catalog. The first is to create a store linked to your Facebook page, and the second method is to create a catalog using Business Manager. Your account will be checked and approved if found appropriate. If you have created a new catalogue, your catalog will be checked. After your catalog is approved, your account is also approved. Instagram Shopping account approval will also occur in a short time.

How to Make Instagram Product Tagging?

Before you start tagging products, install the latest version of the Instagram app. During this process, your device should also be up to date. Log into your Instagram business account and tap the three dots on your profile. Click on shopping in business settings. Then press the continue tab. Identify the catalog you want to use within the Shopping on Instagram feature. Before this step, create your catalog. After the catalog selection, click on the finished sign. After this point, you will be able to label products.

How to Open Instagram Shopping Feature?

How To Tap To See Instagram Products?

Create an Instagram story post. When you come to the share screen, click on tag products. Select product tag. Tap the sticker icon to feature items in stories. Tap on the product sticker option.

Select the product you want to tag from your catalog. Drag your tag next to the product you want. Share the story you created. You can’t make any changes to stories after they’ve been published. If you want to edit, you have to delete and re-upload the stories. When creating stories, determine the sticker text, color and product name well. You can add tags to 5 products in a single Instagram post. In multi-image posts, you can tag 20 products.

As your catalogs are updated, you can tag your new products directly in your Instagram shopping account. When users touch the bag sign, they see the product name, price and information that you specify. They can directly access product details via a post. Here you can see detailed information.

Why is the product you want to tag not visible in the Instagram Shopping Post?

In order to tag products in Instagram shopping posts, the product must be in the catalog. If the product is in the catalog but does not appear on the labels, then your product is not approved. Means that the product violates or repeats policies.

How to Use Shopping on Instagram?

You need to adjust according to the country or target audience you are addressing. If you are a global brand, you should choose your language accordingly. You can see which audience you are addressing from the business profile statistics. From this section, you must choose your language by choosing the currency.

Why Was Instagram Shopping Feature Disapproved?

In order for Instagram to approve your shopping feature, you must have entered the products in your catalog correctly and completely. It must comply with commercial principles. If your account is not approved for a long time, contact Instagram. If your account is not approved, you can investigate the reasons and make the necessary arrangements and apply again.

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